Please read our FAQs thoroughly before booking an appointment.

  • How do I cancel or reschedule my appointment?

    The confirmation e-mail you received from either Booksy or Fresca provides a link to cancel and reschedule your future appointment on your own time. Be Sure to cancel within 24 hours to avoid the 30% late cancellation fee.

  • How do I navigate the booking website?

    Click Here for screen-by-screen photos on how to navigating booking your appointment through Booksy.​​

  • I'm having a hard time finding an available appointment. How can I get updates on when you open up your availability ?

    Appointments are open to the public only 2 weeks at a time for the North Shore location, and 1 month for the Honolulu location . Follow our Instagram, where schedule openings will be posted on our profile, and watch our stories to catch a last minute opening. Also, last minute appointments will appear randomly on the booking website as soon as a client cancels or reschedules their appointment. 

  • I want to book manicures for my friend and I at the same time. is this possible?

    No. Nicole is the only nail tech at Raw Sugar Nails. If you'd like to stagger your appointments, book their manicure to be right after yours! 

  • Is nail art included in the price of the gel manicure?

    No. Not only does it take many years of practice and additional nail art products, but here at Raw Sugar Nails we invest in continuing education in order to expand our ability to perform nail art that you love! This is why nail art is an add-on service.
    Our Honolulu Location has set packages which will give you more nail art freedom.

  • Can I get a price quote on nail art before my appointment?

    No. This is because of two things Because of the every changing trends of nail art, it's very likely that you may change your mind by the time you get to your nail appointment! However, I am happy to work within a budget to make your nail dreams come true! 
    If you don't wish to do an "A La Carte" style nail art service, choose one of our Nail Art Packages to save you the headache!Our Honolulu location has a specially curated menu with the most transparent pricing. 

  • Do you do Acrylic nails? If not, then how do you do nail extensions?

    No we do not perform acrylic extensions. We've chosen to perform nail extensions with soft gel extensions. Book under "GEL EXTENSION".
    Note: Extensions are only offered at the North Shore Location at this moment.

  • Can i book an appointment to fix my nail or remove gel polish?

    Yes. There are more detailed items on the Booksy or Fresca booking application. Please keep in mind that if you book a gel removal, and you have either dip or acrylic on your nails which you were unaware of, you will be charged for an acrylic removal. 

  • Can I call or e-mail you directly to make my appointment?

    No. In order to give each client the energy and attention they deserve during their appointment, everything you need to be successful to book your nail appointment is available on either this website, Booksy or Fresha. This procedure apply's to ALL Raw Sugar Nail clients.

  • How do I cancel or reschedule my appointment on FRESHA? 

    Cancel an appointment•Go to Calendar and click on the appointment you want to remove.•Click on More Options and select Cancel.•To help track your cancellations, choose a Cancellation reason from the dropdown.•Click Cancel appointment.
    Reschedule an appointment
    •Go to your Calendar and select the appointment you're looking to update.
    •Click and hold the appointment, and drag your booking to the rescheduled time and date.
    •The appointment will automatically move to the new time and date.

  • How do I cancel or reschedule my appointment on BOOKSY? 

    Cancel appointment via Fresha booking app:
    •Go to Calendar and click on the appointment you want to remove.
    •Click on More Options and select Cancel.
    •To help track your cancellations, choose a Cancellation reason from the dropdown.
    •Click Cancel appointment.

  •  I still cannot find the answer to my question, how do I reach you?

    We are doing out best to provide as much information to make independently booking your nail appointment a breeze. If your question can be answered through the information on the website, you will be referred back to the website if it is the fastest way for me to respond to you.

    But if there is anything we happened to miss...
    Please e-mail your questions or text via iMessage : moc.slianraguswar%40elocin

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